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The premier database-as-a-service for open-source & commercial applications.
Deploy, manage, and scale open-source and commercial grade databases faster and easier on the Navisite database-as-a-service. We make running database infrastructure in your preferred cloud easy for developers and businesses alike.
Since 2010, Navisite has provisioned over 1,000,000 databases in 29 global regions.

Key Features

Deploy, manage, scale, and control your database deployments with ease.

Deploy to your favorite cloud

Run your database next to your apps. Navisite DBaaS supports deployments in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Multiple database engines

Choose from MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, or Oracle database engines to meet your database needs.

Replicas fully supported

Need additional read scalability? You can now deploy up to 7 replicas of your database instance as part of our clustered datastores.

H/A Enterprise Clustering

Deploy Oracle and SQL Server with confidence in the cloud using our enterprise clustering support, designed to provide 99.999% uptime availability for your mission-critical applications.

Flexible Hosting Options

Already have cloud accounts with AWS or Microsoft Azure? Navisite DBaaS now fully supports BYOC for in-cloud compatability. You can also use our fully hosted option for the ultimate in ease of use.

Two-Click Deployments

Create launch templates from our easy-to-use configuration wizard for easy, two-click launches of entire database environments.

Firewall support included

Lock down access to your datastores so that your apps remain safe and sound with our built-in firewall service.

Data at rest:encrypted

All data is encrypted at rest for safe keeping. Key management is provided by the cloud provider where the datastore resides.

Object encryption

All backups and snapshots are encrypted using block-level encryption, or a combination of block-level encryption as well as 3DES encryption and compression for backups.

Complete datastore control

Stop, start, restart, and delete your datastores on-demand, with per-minute billing to ensure that you only pay for what you use.

All on the same team

Add users to your account to co-administer your datastores for better separation of concerns.

Flexible Recovery

Rollback, clone, or rebase your datastores with our flexible snapshots. Our enterprise database engines also support full point-in-time recovery options along with incremental and differential backups.

Avoid cost overruns

With our built-in Cloud Financial Advisor, you can now assign budgets to your users and avoid accidental cost overages.

Comprehensive telemetry

Navisite leads the database-as-a-service market with up to 45 distinct points of telemetry reporting for your datastore, making it easier than ever to spot complex performance issues on the spot, or over time.

Summary dashboards

Gain instant insights to how your datastore is performing over time and when to scale with up-to-the-minute performance telemetry.

You're in the drivers seat!

Our performance gauges show immediate issues that can help you make scaling decisions quickly and efficiently!

Super-easy scaling

Whether you want to scale the size of your VMs, your storage, or the speed of your storage, Navisite has you covered with click-button scaling support. Relax, it's easy!

Add or upgrade storage

Easily add additional storage space, or increase the IOPS performance of your storage (or both!) for the entire datastore deployment using our easy sliding scale for deployment storage.

Scale virtual machines

Easily scale between our Standard and Premium compute options to continue meeting the demands of your customers.

Global availability in Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services