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Global Multi-Master Design

ClearDB uses geo-distributed MySQL database configurations for the ultimate in database availability, survivability, and performance. Even if whole cloud regions go offline, your database will stay online.

Completely Fault Tolerant

ClearDB is the only cloud database in the market today that offers true multi-regional read/write mirroring with 100% uptime, even if networks or disks fail.

Native MySQL

Our clusters use native MySQL so that you don't have to worry about re-tuning your applications to work with ClearDB.
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Market Leading Reliability

ClearDB is designed to attack failure by operating active masters in multiple regions so that your data can survive whole region failures. We also create and replicate backups in multiple regions to prevent data loss.

Fast, Reliable Support

We have expert database and systems engineers working round the clock to ensure that your database is available, reliable, and secure. We're also here whenever you need us, just in case you need help.

Ultra Secure

We take your security very seriously and ensure that your data is only available the right people, systems and services. We use a combination of 256 bit SSL encryption and client certificates directly in MySQL to secure connections.